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Race & Identity Workshops

Identity and race have always been charged and polarizing topics in the United States; however, in this current political climate it is crucial that we take the time and opportunity to engage in dialogue about these topics.


Participants will be invited to think about their identity through experiential exercises. Where did they grow up? What school did they attend? What did they understand about their identity growing up? What do they understand now?


Reflecting on the answers to these questions will ground participants as they are invited to explore the environments they’ve encountered and how that has impacted their experiences. Participants will engage in discussions about how their identities shaped how they understand racial dynamics in the United States.


The format will invite people to talk to each other in order to come to an understanding that each of us comes with a set of experiences that is shaped by our identity and how we are treated by society. Resources and tools will be offered to begin talking about race in an authentic way.

Aisha Hauser is a gifted facilitator, talented workshop leader, and prophetic thinker. Her prophetic work in calling the Unitarian Universalist Association to grapple with its legacy and structures of white supremacy has opened up vital work necessary for the future of more than a thousand religious communities across North America. I am profoundly grateful for her leadership!



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